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WERA Measurements at the Dutch Coast

The topography

© Klaus-Werner Gurgel, University of Hamburg, Germany
© Topography data: Rijkswaterstaat, RWS-RIKZ, Netherlands
  The area selected for the Petten experiment was near Petten, which is strongly exposed to the sea and situated south of the island Texel (at the northeast edge of this figure). For this experiment, two WERA radars have been deployed. The first was set up at Petten on the dyke directly at the starting point of the line of several masts and wave bouys, which are operated on a long term basis by the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat and have been used to evaluate the WERA wave measurement by the University of Sheffield alogrithm. The second site was selected 10 km north of Petten in the dunes at Voordijk. The two radar sites, the directional waverider bouys, and the topography is shown.
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