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WERA Wave Measurements: Directional Spectra

Wera Wave Measurements

© Lucy Wyatt, University of Sheffield, UK
  This figure shows directional spectra measured by the radar (upper panel), and estimated for the directional waverider using a maximum entropy analysis (middle panel) over a period of one day during which winds changed direction (the arrow to the right of the plots) and increased (shown by the size of the arrow in the waverider plot) with corresponding changes in the directional spectra. These are scaled to the maximum in the radar spectrum and the colour coding is in steps of log S(f,theta) = 0.3 . Variations in the amplitude over time are shown with the frequency spectrum in the lower panel. Note that amplitude axis is logarithmic. The red line is the bouy and the black the radar measurements. The corresponding significant waveheights are shown similarly colour coded.
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