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Applications of Coastal Radars for Monitoring the Coastal Zone

Presented at the EUROMAR Workshop'99

Klaus-Werner Gurgel

University of Hamburg, Institute of Oceanography, Tropolwitzstrasse 7, D-22529 Hamburg, Germany.
Tel: +49-40-42838-5742, Fax: +49-40-42838-5713,

A full paper has been published in the conference proceedings.

Year Conference Publication [PostScript] [PDF] [ZIPed PostScript]
1999 Euromar'99 Applications of Coastal Radars for Monitoring the Coastal Zone [ 1856 kByte] [ 483 kByte] [ 646 kByte]


Coastal radars for monitoring the coastal zone have been developed for some 20 years taking advantage of improved electronics and computer techniques. The term 'Coastal Radar' is normally connected to High-Frequency (HF) radars which use ground-wave propagation to remotely sensing ocean surface currents and sea state over large areas. In a broader sense, also microwave radars operated from the coast can be called 'Coastal Radars'. Microwave radars have the advantage of simple installation, but do not cover the large areas as possible with HF radars. As many applications need forecast information, these 'Coastal Radars' can be used to measure maps of surface current and wave spectra, which then are assimilated into models.
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