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Since 1999, a cooperation between University of Hamburg and University of Hawaii has been set up on common research concerning applications of HF radar. As in August 2002, the first two WERA HF radars have been deployed at the shore of Oahu to measure the ocean circulation between Oahu and Kauai in the frame of the Home project.

More information can be found at the Uni Hawaii HF radar pages.

This is an example of surface currents measured by the Hawaii WERA:
Kaena (radial)    Ko Olina (radial)    current map (GDOP<3.5).
Note that too narrow or wide angles between the radial components increase the error of the current vectors. The 'error increase factor' GDOP (Geometrical Dillution Of Precision) has been limited to 3.5, which reduces the area covered. The figures shown are based on 10 minutes integration time and no filtering applied. The HF radar working frequency is ~16.0 MHz.

Map of radar sites

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