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Radiowave Oceanography
The 6th International Workshop

May 15-18, 2006
Hotel Lindtner Hamburg

This is the 6th International Workshop on Radiowave Oceanography which have been organized in the United States, Australia and Europe. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together scientists and experts in using radiowave remote sensing for measuring oceanographic parameters like ocean currents and waves. Here is a list of previous workshops.

The workshop program will be structured by the topics

  • (1) Algorithms and Development
  • (2) Applications
  • (3) Monitoring and Surveillance

The workshop will start on Monday morning, 15 May, and last until Thursday, 18 May, in the afternoon. Like during the last workshops, there will be no parallel sessions and a wide room for discussions. On Wednesday afternoon we will visit Airbus Industries in Hamburg.

At Friday, 19 May, a special meeting for the group of WERA users is scheduled to discuss the application and mutual use of WERA processing software developed by different users or Institutes. The venue of this meeting will be the Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences in Hamburg, Room 023, 09:30 local time. Please send a note to Klaus-Werner Gurgel ( ) if you plan to attend and indicate your contribution or questions to be discussed. There is no conference fee for this user group meeting.

Local Contact: (Klaus-Werner Gurgel)