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Adaptive Thresholding for HF Radar Ship Detection


Anna L. Dzvonkovskaya and Hermann Rohling
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Institute of Telecommunications, Eissendorfer Strasse 40, 21073 Hamburg, Germany


High frequency (HF) radars are capable to detect and track targets at extremely long ranges. But the signal environment that includes external noise, different kinds of clutter and interference will significantly limit the detection and system capability. This paper considers a new approach to solve the ship detection problem in a complex HF radar signal environment. It uses detection procedure based on conventional false-alarm-rate (CFAR) and curvilinear regression analysis of power spectrum values along range and Doppler cells for thresholding. The CFAR detection test rule was combined with a local peak determination procedure. The proposed detection scheme was tested using real HF radar data and gave very promising results.

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