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Panorama of Hamburg
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List of Presentations (10-May-2006 14:00 UTC)

Barbin, Yves alg Automatic interference cleaning exercises on a Wera FMCW radar signals
Barbin, Yves app Practical results of DF method on a 4 antenna linear array wera
Chavanne, Cedric app Tides in the Kauai Channel and their Interactions with Mesoscale Currents
Cochin, Véronique app SURLITOP experiment in West Brittany, France: Results and validation
Dzvonkovskaya, Anna L. alg Adaptive Thresholding for HF Radar Ship Detection
Ebuchi, Naoto app Observation of the Soya Warm Current using HF radars, coastal tide gauges, satellite altimetry and bottom-mounted ADCP
Garcia, Javier app The Galicia HF experience, part 2: scientific output and analysis of the benefits of the technology
Gill, Eric alg The Effect of Transmitter Pulse Width on Bragg Positions in Pulsed Doppler Radar
Graber, Hans
presented by
Brian Haus
app Applications of HF Radar Data to Wave Studies
Green, J.J. alg Colinear waves with nonlinear dispersion
Guinvarc'h, Régis alg Sea surface movements compensation for HFSWR on buoys
Gurgel, Klaus-Werner alg Radio Frequency Interference Suppression Techniques
Haus, Brian alg Current-shear modification of the fetch limited growth of wave energy
Helzel, Thomas app First long-range results with WERA
Hinata, Hirofumi app Wind-Controlled Kuroshio Warm Water Intrusion into Sagami Bay
Hisaki, Yukiharu alg Estimation of short-wave directional distributions from HF radars: Comparison with model predictions
Howarth, John
Player, Rose
app Surface Currents and Waves in Liverpool Bay
Kaplan, David M. alg
Circulation and transport near Bodega Bay, California derived from modal decomposition of HF-radar currents
Kirwan, A. D. app Retention Times in the Coastal Zone
Lipphardt, Bruce app Variations in surface particle transport in Monterey Bay during summer
Mariette, Vincent mon Operational Coastal Monitoring
Nadai, Akitsugu alg Influence of Wave-Current Interaction on Current Measurement of HF Ocean Surface Radar
Ocampo Torres, Francisco app Preliminary results of surface currents and wave field infered from radars in the NWBC and Gulf of Tehuantepec, México
Paduan, Jeffrey alg Use of spectral simulations to study errors related to direction finding HF radar systems
Poulain, Pierre-Marie app Tidal Currents in the Northern Adriatic Sea: High Frequency Radar Observations and Numerical model Predictions
Vesecky, John
presented by
Jeff Paduan
mon Eddy Features in the Ocean Surface Wind Field from Multifrequency HF Radar, Field Anemometers and a Meteorological Model
Whelan, Chad app The Galicia HF experience, part 1: 24/7 SeaSonde Operations
Wyatt, Lucy mon Result from 18 months of Pisces operations in the Celtic Sea
Yoshikawa, Yutaka mon A Surface Velocity Spiral Observed with ADCP and HF radar in the Tsushima Strait

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