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Panorama of Hamburg
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ROW 2006 final Program

Monday, 15 May 2006
09:00 ROW 2006 Registration
09:15 K.-W. Gurgel Welcome to Hamburg and local arrangements
Algorithms and Development: Waves   Chair: Lucy Wyatt
09:30 Brian Haus Current-shear modification of the fetch limited growth of wave energy
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Yukiharu Hisaki Estimation of short-wave directional distributions from HF radars: Comparison with model predictions
11:00 J. Jim Green Colinear waves with nonlinear dispersion
12:00 Lunch break
Algorithms and Development: Signal Processing (1)    Chair: Brian Haus
13:30 Yves Barbin Automatic interference cleaning exercises on a Wera FMCW radar signals
14:00 K.-W. Gurgel Radio Frequency Interference Suppression Techniques
14:30 Anna Dzvonkovskaya Adaptive Thresholding for HF Radar Ship Detection
15:00 Coffee break
Algorithms and Development: Signal Processing (2)    Chair: Denny Kirwan
15:30 Eric Gill The Effect of Transmitter Pulse Width on Bragg Positions in Pulsed Doppler Radar
16:00 Régis Guinvarc'h Sea surface movements compensation for HFSWR on buoys
16:30 Jeffrey Paduan Use of spectral simulations to study errors related to direction finding HF radar systems
17:00 All Discussion: Future Requirements in Algorithms and Development
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
Applications: Europe   Chair: Klaus-Werner Gurgel
09:00 John Howarth
Rose Player
Surface Currents and Waves in Liverpool Bay
09:30 Pierre-Marie Poulain Tidal Currents in the Northern Adriatic Sea: High Frequency Radar Observations and Numerical model Predictions
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Chad Whelan The Galicia HF experience, part 1: 24/7 SeaSonde Operations
11:00 Javier Garcia The Galicia HF experience, part 2: scientific output and analysis of the benefits of the technology
11:30 Véronique Cochin SURLITOP experiment in West Brittany, France: Results and validation
12:00 Lunch break
Applications: USA   Chair: Jeffrey Paduan
13:30 David M. Kaplan Circulation and transport near Bodega Bay, California derived from modal decomposition of HF-radar currents
14:00 Bruce Lipphardt Variations in surface particle transport in Monterey Bay during summer
14:30 Cedric Chavanne Tides in the Kauai Channel and their Interactions with Mesoscale Currents
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Francisco Ocampo Torres Preliminary results of surface currents and wave field infered from radars in the NWBC and Gulf of Tehuantepec, México
16:00 Hans Graber
presented by
Brian Haus
Applications of HF Radar Data to Wave Studies
Applications: Japan   Chair: Jeffrey Paduan
16:30 Hirofumi Hinata Wind-Controlled Kuroshio Warm Water Intrusion into Sagami Bay
17:00 Naoto Ebuchi Observation of the Soya Warm Current using HF radars, coastal tide gauges, satellite altimetry and bottom-mounted ADCP
17:30 All Discussion: Future Requirements in Applications
Wednesday, 17 May 2006
Applications: Results   Chair: Pierre-Marie Poulain
09:00 A. D. Kirwan Retention Times in the Coastal Zone
09:30 Yves Barbin Practical results of DF method on a 4 antenna linear array wera
10:00 Thomas Helzel First long-range results with WERA
10:30 K.-W. Gurgel Latest information on Wednesday afternoon program
11:00 Coffee break, small lunch
12:15 Leave for Airbus visit
Group 1
Group 2
Visit to Airbus Industries in Hamburg
16:15 Ferry cruise across the Elbe to Landungsbrücken, visit to the Old City of Hamburg
18:30 Dinner in Hamburg
Thursday, 18 May 2006
Monitoring   Chair: Bruce Lipphardt
09:30 Lucy Wyatt Result from 18 months of Pisces operations in the Celtic Sea
10:00 Yutaka Yoshikawa A Surface Velocity Spiral Observed with ADCP and HF radar in the Tsushima Strait
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 John Vesecky
presented by
Jeff Paduan
Eddy Features in the Ocean Surface Wind Field from Multifrequency HF Radar, Field Anemometers and a Meteorological Model
11:30 Vincent Mariette Operational Coastal Monitoring
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 All Final discussions and planning of ROW 2007
15:00 Coffee break

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