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Travel Information from Hamburg Airport to Hotel Lindtner / Hotel Heimfeld

Hamburg Airport is located in the North of Hamburg while Hotel Lindtner is located in the South.

A taxi from Hamburg Airport to Hotel Lindtner is about 60 Euro. It may be a good idea to share a taxi with other ROW 2006 participants.

If you want to travel by public transport, there are several options available. Hamburg has a common transport system, the HVV, where you pay once and then can use the Bus, S-Bahn (train mainly above the ground), U-Bahn (Underground) and even some of the ferries all along your trip. The trip from Hamburg Airport to Hotel Lindtner lasts about 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 2.50 Euro. The HVV web pages provide connections, timetable information and maps. If you request a personal timetable from the HVV web pages, fill in "Hamburg Airport" as the start and "Heimfeld (West)" as the destination.

A suggested connection from Hamburg Airport to Hotel Lindtner and Hotel Heimfeld using public transport is as follows:

  • Use the Bus 26 direction "Bahnhof Rahlstedt", leave at Underground station "U Alsterdorf".
  • Change to the Underground U1 direction "Wandsbek Markt", leave at "Jungfernstieg".
  • Change to S-Bahn S3 direction "Neugraben", leave at "S Heimfeld".
  • Get the Bus 142 to "AK Harburg" (Hospital).
  • Guests of Hotel Heimfeld leave at bus stop "Heimfelder Strasse", Hotel Heimfeld is located at "Heimfelder Strasse" just behind the crossing with "Eißendorfer Pferdeweg".
  • Guests of Hotel Lindtner leave at "AK Harburg" (final bus stop), change to Bus 142 to "Bf. Harburg" and leave at "Heimfelder Straße (West), Lindtner".
Getting a taxi at "S Heimfeld" may not be too expensive and save some time as the bus 142 takes a large "loop" to pass the hospital.

Other alternatives may be the Airport Express (Jasper) Bus to Hamburg Main Station and from there fetch the S-Bahn S3 direction "Neugraben" as noted above. The Jasper Bus does not belong to HVV, you have to buy an additional ticket.

Local Contact: (Klaus-Werner Gurgel)