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SCAWVEX Objective

The primary objective of the SCAWVEX project (EC Mast-2, Surface Current and Wave Variability Experiment) is to measure the spatial and temporal variability of ocean surface waves and currents. This will be achieved by:

  1. utilising the full range of state of the art techniques and models of waves and currents to assemble data sets necessary for understanding their spatial and temporal variability in coastal regions.
  2. intercomparing data sets from HF radar / SAR/ Altimeter/ Accelerometers/ ADCP/ current meters/ pressure cells/ X-Band radar. The intercomparison will examine:
    • statistical intercomparison methodologies,
    • the response characteristics of the instruments,
    • the spatial and temporal averaging of the instrument,
    • effects of wave-current interaction.
Within the project, 8 partners from 4 European countries work together. The main tasks of University of Hamburg, Institute of Oceanography, are
  • to modify their HF radar CODAR to enable measurements of ocean wave parameters - the modified CODAR is called WERA (WEllen RAdar),
  • to support measurement campaigns at the Dutch coast by deploying the WERA system at the Rhine and near Petten,
  • to analyse wind driven and tidal currents from the measured surface current fields and compare them to conventional (point) measurements by current meters and ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler).

Two experiments have been carried out at the Dutch coast, involving

  • standard oceanographic measurements as wave bouys, current meters, ADCP etc., conducted by Rijkswaterstaat,
  • a bottom-mounted platform including S4DW and ADCP conducted by POL,
  • ERS-1 / ERS-2 SAR / TOPEX/POSEIDON images analysed by Oceanor / SINTEF,
  • HF radar (CODAR / WERA) measurements of surface currents conducted by the University of Hamburg,
  • Ocean wave directional spectra analysed from HF radar measurements conducted by the University of Sheffield.
Results of the University of Hamburg HF radar measurements can be found here:
Results have been or are to be published on conferences:

SCAWVEX Partners
This work has been supported by the European Commission DG XII within the
MAST-2 programme, project SCAWVEX, ct94-0103.
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