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The main aim of the German TRUMP project (Transport und Umsatz in der Pommerschen Bucht) is to study the input, transformation and deposition of pollutants from the rivers Oder and Peene and their biological and chemical influence on the ecosystem in the Pomeranian Bay. To get information about the circulation, the University of Hamburg CODAR has been used to measure current fields of the 0.5 m top layer in the Pomeranian Bay up to 35 km off the island Usedom. By setting up three radar sites at Ahlbeck, Koserow and Karlshagen, a strip up to 35 km off the coast of Usedom has been observed twice per hour. Special conditions for operation of HF radar systems in that area have been identified. This includes the influence of salinity and wave height. First Results have been published. The HF radar measurements have been conducted simultaneous to the ship cruises planned by the Institute of Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde. with R/V A.v.Humboldt and R/V Prof.A.Penck.

A report (German) on the results can be found here .

Meteorological conditions have been registrated at the northern radar site (Karlshagen).

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A surface current field, which has been observed at westerly wind during flow of low salinity water from the Oder Estuary into the Pomeranian Bay. The mean current averaged over 11 hours from 30th June 1994 16:30 to 1st July 1994 03:30 UTC is shown.

This work has been supported by the German Minister of Education and Research (bmb+f / PTJ-MGS) within the Baltic Sea programme.

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