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WERA System Characteristics

Characteristic Value Value Value
Operating frequency 27.65 MHz 29.85 MHz 16.045 MHz
Transmitted power 30 W 30 W 30 W
Working range (35 PSU salinity) up to 50 km up to 45 km up to 80 km
Length of sea surface wave (Bragg) 5.42 m 5.03 m 9.35 m
Depth over which current is averaged ~0.5 m ~0.5 m ~1.0 m
Range resolution 0.25 km to 2.0 km 0.25 km to 2.0 km 1.0 to 2.0 km
Azimuthal resolution (Direction Finding) better than 2 degrees better than 2 degrees better than 2 degrees
Azimuthal resolution (Beam Forming) +/-3 degrees +/-3 degrees +/-4 degrees
Integration time down to 9 minutes down to 9 minutes down to 9 minutes
Accuracy of radial component 1...2 cm/s 1...2 cm/s 1...2 cm/s
Accuracy of current field 1...5 cm/s 1...5 cm/s 1...5 cm/s

The green column shows the expected values for a version with extended working range.

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