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Wind Measurements at Karlshagen / Usedom

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Wind direction and speed, air temperature and pressure have been measured at Karlshagen
(54 degrees 7' 36" N, 13 degrees 50' 24" E).
The data have been averaged to 10-minute means. A documentation to the dataset (in German) is included.

Time Data Figure (PostScript) Figure (GIF)
April 1995 APR95.DAT APR95.PS APR95.GIF
May 1995 MAY95.DAT MAY95.PS MAY95.GIF
June 1995 JUN95.DAT JUN95.PS JUN95.GIF
July 1995 JUL95.DAT JUL95.PS JUL95.GIF
August 1995 AUG95.DAT AUG95.PS AUG95.GIF
September 1995 SEP95.DAT SEP95.PS SEP95.GIF
October 1995 OCT95.DAT OCT95.PS OCT95.GIF
November 1995 NOV95.DAT NOV95.PS NOV95.GIF
December 1995 DEC95.DAT DEC95.PS DEC95.GIF
January 1996 JAN96.DAT JAN96.PS JAN96.GIF
February 1996 FEB96.DAT FEB96.PS FEB96.GIF
March 1996 MAR96.DAT MAR96.PS MAR96.GIF
April 1996 APR96.DAT APR96.PS APR96.GIF
May 1996 MAY96.DAT MAY96.PS MAY96.GIF
June 1996 JUN96.DAT JUN96.PS JUN96.GIF
July 1996 JUL96.DAT JUL96.PS JUL96.GIF
August 1996 AUG96.DAT AUG96.PS AUG96.GIF
September 1996 SEP96.DAT SEP96.PS SEP96.GIF
October 1996 OCT96.DAT OCT96.PS OCT96.GIF
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