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The SURLITOP Project  

The SURLITOP project has been initiated in the frame of the RITMER network, which has been formed after the the oil spill caused by the sinking of the ERIKA, which affected a large part of the Atlantic coastline, from Brittany to Charentes. One aim of RITMER is to develop and demonstrate technologies for tracking and monitoring of pollutants.

The SURLITOP project is coordinated by Actimar. Other partners include the University of Hamburg Remote Sensing Group / HF radar, BOOST Technologies , LSEET (Laboratoire de Sondages Electromagnetiques de l'Environnement Terrestre) and the French Hydrographic Office (SHOM).

The main aim of the French SURLITOP project is to demonstrate operational monitoring for coastal zone management.

This animation [.avi file 56 MBytes] shows an example of the surface current fields measured.

The set-up planned for the SURLITOP experiment includes:

  • 2 WERA HF radar sites at Garchine and Brezellec
  • 4 ADCPs to be deployed by SHOM at the locations indicated
  • 1 directional waverider buoy deployed by SHOM at the location of ADCP 2
  • 1 permanently installed buoy measuring wind and waves south of the traffic separation area
The experiment is scheduled in Autum 2005.

The SURLITOP project is funded 50% by the French Ministry of Research and 50% by Actimar and BOOST Technologies.

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