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Remotely Controlled CODAR continuously observed surface currents in the German Bight

IEEE Fourth Working Conference on Current Measurement 1990, Proceedings, pp. 15...21, 1990.
Abstract - - We continuously measured surface currents in the Helgoländer Bucht (German Bight) during two months in winter 87/88. Modified CODARs were set up 45 km apart on the islands of Helgoland and Wangerooge. Both stations were remotely computer controlled while data flow of the stations was made possible by telephone links to a MikroVAX hostcomputer in the university's institut in Hamburg some 100 km away. The CODARs were unmanned.

The observed surface currents, together with wind recordings has been analyzed. We extracted the Lagrangian motion of hypothetical water particles as a result of the observed currents and generated from this (water)motion a movie on the computer screen.

By help of correlation techniques it was possible to separate the estimated windinduced surface current from the tidal current. Finally the residual current was determined by subtracting tidal and wind current.
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