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Erfahrungen mit dem Satelliten-Navigationssystem GPS - Genauigkeiten an Land und auf See

Deutsche Hydrographische Zeitschrift 44, pp. 35...49, 1991 (erschienen 1992).
Abstract - - Following a brief introduction into the GPS-System, results are presented and discussed of tests of accuracy of one particular instrument. Tests were made from both a fixed position and on board ship. Depending on the geometry between the satellites an accuracy of 18 m in position and of 2 cm/s in velocity can be obtained ( at σ and HDOP < 7). On the basis of measurements on board ship, the dynamic resolution is shown to be better then one meter, and both, roll and pitch can be resolved within this range. The survey was conducted prior to activation of an intentional degradation of the system by "Selective Availibility".
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