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CODAR application in the Pomeranian Bay

5th German - Polish Seminar on Dynamics of Odra Estuary, Proceedings, pp. 251...260, 1993.
Abstract - - CODAR (COastal raDAR) is a high-frequency (HF) radar system for remote sensing of sea surface currents. The physics behind this technique are explained and some examples from the PRISMA (PRozesse Im Schadstoffkreislauf Meer-Atmosphäre) campaign are shown. CODAR will be used during the TRUMP (TRansport und UMsatz in der Pommerschen Bucht) campaigns to observe the circulation of the 0.5 m top layer in the Pomeranian Bay. By setting up three radar sites on the island of Usedom, the surface currents influenced by the input from the Oder river at Swinoujscie and from the Peenestrom through the Greifswalder Bodden can be measured.
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