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Measurement of Surface Current Fields with High Spatial Resolution by the HF Radar WERA

IGARSS'97 Conference, Proceedings, pp. 1820...1822, 1997.
Abstract - - Ground wave radar using electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 10 m and 50 m (HF radar) can be used in oceanography to measure surface current and ocean wave parameters. In Germany, the work on HF radar started in 1980, adopting NOAA's CODAR (COastal raDAR). Recent developments within the European project SCAWVEX (Surface Current And Wave Variability Experiment) lead to a new design called WERA (WEllen RAdar). In autumn 1996, two WERA systems were deployed at the Dutch coast near Petten, south of the island Texel. For the last two days of the experiment, the new 300 m resolution mode of WERA was used to measure surface current fields. This mode revealed much more detail of a coastal jet connected to a sharp front.
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