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Wellen Radar (WERA), a new ground-wave based HF radar for ocean remote sensing

Coastal Engineering, VOL 37, NOS. 3-4, pp. 219...234,
ISSN 0378-3839, August 1999.
Abstract - - HF radars can be used to measure surface currents and wave spectra. The Coastal Radar (CODAR) of the University of Hamburg was designed for current mapping only. It has been operated within some 15 field experiments during the past 15 years. Recently, a new HF radar called WERA (Wellen Radar) has been developed at the University of Hamburg. One main advantage of the system is the possibility of connecting different configurations of receive antennas. When operated with a linear array, information on the sea state can be obtained via second-order spectral bands. A further advantage is the flexibility in range resolution between 0.3 km and 1.2 km, instead of the fixed resolution of some 2 km of CODAR. This is achieved by transmitting frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) chirps instead of continuous wave (CW) pulses. In addition, this technique avoids the blind range of some 3 km in front of the CODAR. The technical design of WERA is described and first experimental results are presented.
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