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On the performance of a ship-borne current mapping HF radar

IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol. 25, no. 1 pp. 183...191, 2000.
Abstract - - HF-radars have been developed to map surface currents off shore by means of land-based stations. Presently available radar systems use frequencies between 25 MHz and 30 MHz and allow a spatial resolution of some 1 km and ranges of up to 50 km. This paper reports on the experience with a ship-borne HF radar and discusses problems which arise for the azimuthal resolution on a metal ship, the correction for the ship's speed and limitations due to pitch-and-roll motions. Current measurements during cruises to the North Atlantic are presented. It has been found that with the support of the satellite-supported Global Positioning System (GPS), the ship-borne HF radar can measure surface current velocities with an accuracy of some 5 cms-1.
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