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EuroROSE - European Radar Ocean Sensing

Proceedings of the COST Conference "Provision and Engineering / Operational Application of Wave Spectra", 21.-25. September 1998, Paris France, 1998.
Abstract - - At present coastal traffic must rely on comparatively coarse forecasts of winds, waves and currents for the intended voyage. The environmental parameters used by operational monitoring and control centres are presently measured by sensors delivering time series at one or a few points. Therefore, information about the spatial variability is missing or is very coarse.

The present project aims to develop a tool to be used by Vessel Traffic Service operators, harbour and coastal managers, to monitor and predict the significant met-ocean conditions with high time/spatial resolution in limited sea areas surrounding locations of dense marine operations.

A chain of numerical models in combination with data from microwave radar and HF radar devices will be used. Data assimilation techniques will merge the measured environmental data fields into high resolution models. The accuracy of the forecast will be significantly improved due to the spatial coverage of the initial conditions. A software system will be created to merge measured and forecasted data and present the resyulting products in the end user's environment.

During the project, emphasis is set on the verification of the obtained results. In two large field experiments the system skills will be determined.

The combination of high-resolution numerical models and area-covering radar measurements as used in EuroROSE is expected to be a powerful tool for operational now and forecasting.

This work is supported by the European Commission DG XII within the MAST-3 programme, project EuroROSE, CT98-0168.
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