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On the Accuracy of Current Measurements by means of HF radar

IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, VOL. 25, NO. 4, October 2000, pp. 472...480 2000.
Abstract - - The accuracy of surface current velocities measured by HF radar is investigated. Data from the two radar systems of the University of Hamburg CODAR (Coastal Radar) and WERA (Wellen Radar) are compared with in-situ data. Both radars use frequencies of about 30 MHz where backscattering is due to ocean waves of 5 m wavelength. The influence of the orbital motion of underlying longer waves is theoretically investigated. In accordance with the theory the measured standard deviations of HF-measured current velocities depend on the sea state. Estimated errors range from 2 to 10 cms-1 and explain only part of the rms difference of 10 to 20 cms-1 found between HF and in-situ current measurements.
Last update: Wednesday, 25-Nov-2015 15:30:56 CET
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