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Eddy dynamics off the Norwegian coast, recorded by HF radar

IGARSS'2000 Conference, Proceedings, pp. 1839...1841, 2000.
Abstract - - The objective of the European Radar Ocean Sensing (EuroROSE) project is to develop a radar based ocean monitoring system in support of safe navigation in port approach areas and otherwise densely operated sea areas. Radar measured data will be assimilated into a fine gridded numerical model with the aim of predicting, for a few hours, currents and waves. A first test experiment was carried out off the Norwegian coast from February to March 2000. The area selected covers the approach to two large oil terminals and is characterised by strong eddy activity.

Two HF radars WERA (Wellen Radar) of the University of Hamburg were deployed. WERA measures surface currents within an area of about 40 by 40 km with a spatial resolution of about 1 km and with temporal sampling of 20 min. This paper presents first experimental results with emphasis on eddy dynamics. Parameters like current velocity, divergence and curl are presented. The spatial characteristics, like eddy diameter, and the temporal behaviour, i.e. the generation and decay of eddies, is discussed.
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