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The University of Hamburg WERA HF Radar - Theory and Solutions

First International Radiowave Oceanography Workshop, ROW 2001, Proceedings, 2001.
Abstract - - The remote sensing group of the University of Hamburg is working on HF radar since 1980. Based on 15 years of experience with CODAR, which the University of Hamburg bought from NOAA (developed by D. Barrick), a new system called WEllen RAdar (WERA) has been designed at the University of Hamburg. The design aims to be as flexible as possible in order to allow easy adjustment to different requirements, i.e. working range, spatial resolution and antenna configurations. The first part of this paper describes the technical solutions available to achieve resolution in range and azimuth. Modulation techniques for range resolution like Pulses and Frequency Modulation (FMCW) are compared, as well as Direction Finding and Beam Forming for azimuthal resolution. A short introduction in the algorithms needed is given. The second part discusses the hardware and software components available from the WERA `kit', to put together an HF radar adopted to the requirements of the actual application.

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2001 ROW'2001 The University of Hamburg WERA HF Radar - Theory and Solutions [ 1.7M] [ 447K] [ 727K]
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