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Applications of WERA within EuroROSE

First International Radiowave Oceanography Workshop, ROW 2001, Proceedings, 2001.
Abstract - - European Radar Ocean Sensing (EuroROSE) is an EU-funded project, bringing together 6 partners from 4 European countries. The main objective is the development of a transportable methodology for monitoring and forecasting waves and currents in limited areas (typical extent 40 by 40 km), such as coastal and port approach areas, and to on-line distribute this information to end-users, i.e. port authorities and Vessel Traffic Management Services (VTMS) operators. To achieve this aim, EuroROSE makes use of remote sensed current and wave data, as measured by HF and Microwave radar, which is assimilated into high-resolution models to provide on-line now- and forecast information.

The two main purposes for using models in addition to the measurements are to provide forecasts, e.g. to help planing ship routes or rescue operations, and to deliver the information which is actually needed, e.g. the current field effecting large and deep ships when only the surface data are measured.

Especially in areas, where the current structures are highly variable due to generation of eddies and fronts, the models need additional input to accurately reflect the actual situation. By assimilating the remote sensed current and wave fields, as measured by the University of Hamburg WEllen RAdar (WERA), the model results can be kept very close to nature and the quality of the forecast can be significantly increased.

This paper describes the EuroROSE system set-up, which was successfully applied during two demonstration experiments at the Norwegian and Spanish coast. Besides the installation of WERA, other instruments like WaMoS, the model system, the data communication scheme, and the User Interface to display the results to the end-users are presented.

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2001 ROW'2001 Applications of WERA within EuroROSE [ 13M] [ 963K] [ 926K]
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