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Validation and intercomparions of wave measurements and models during the EuroROSE experiments

Coastal Engineering VOL 48, pp.1...28, 2003.
Abstract - - The objective of the EuroROSE project was to combine area covering ground-based remote-sensed wave and current data with high resolution numerical forecast models to provide now- and forecasts to marine operators. Two experiments to test and demonstrate the system took place: one on the coast of Norway, north of Bergen in March 2000 and the second on the north coast of Spain at Gijon in October/November 2000. Qualitative and quantitative intercomparisons of the wave measurements and wave model products from these experiments are presented. These include measurements using the WERA HF radar, the WaMoS X-band radar, a directional waverider and output from the WAM wave model. Comparisons are made of the full directional spectra and of various derived parameters. This is the first ever intercomparison between HF and X-band radar wave measuements and between either of these and WAM. It has provided a data set covering a much wider range of storm and swell conditions than had been available previously for radar wave measurement validation purposes and has clarified a number of limitations of the radars as well as providing a lot of very useful radar wave data for future model validation applications. The intercomparison has led to improvements in the data quality control procedures of both WaMoS and WERA. Limitations in the WAM model implementation are also discussed.

Keywords - - wave measurement, WAM wave model, HF radar, X-band radar, waverider, EuroROSE
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