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The use of HF radar networks within operational forecasting systems of coastal regions

in 'Building the European Capacity in Operational Oceanography'
3rd International EuroGOOS Conference, Proceedings pp. 245..250, Elsevier, ISBN 0 444 51550 X.
Abstract - - Operational forecasting of current and wave fields in coastal regions have become more and more important in the last decades, both for coastal management and for security aspects. One of the key components in this context are high-resolution numerical models, which however require accurate forcing and handling of the boundary conditions. HF radar remote sensed current and wave fields can significantly increase the data quality of the model products through data assimilation. In some cases, when the oceanographic processes induce high local variability, such as mesoscale eddies and fronts, this approach might be the only way to provide reliable now- and forecasts.

Keywords - - EuroGOOS, coastal zone, ocean currents, HF radar, operational forecasting
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