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Safer Navigation in Coastal Areas with the Aid of Radar-measured Surface Currents.

EARSel 2003 Conference, Proceedings, September 2003.
Abstract - - In 2000, coastal currents off the coast of Norway were measured and modeled during an experiment of the European Radar Ocean Sensing (EuroROSE) project (funded by EU). The objective of EuroROSE was to develop a radar based ocean monitoring system in support of safe navigation in port approach areas and otherwise densely operated sea areas. Radar measured data were assimilated into a fine gridded numerical model with the aim of predicting, for a few hours, currents and waves. This paper summarizes results concerning currents (1), wave data are presented by (2). Maps and time series of current velocity measured by the HF radar WERA (Wellen-Radar) are compared with results of the numerical model. The model is capable of reproducing the spatial and temporal variability of the measured currents for the nowcast. The correlation between the measured current velocities and those predicted by the model decreases from about 0.9 of the nowcast to 0.8 of the 2-h forecast and to 0.6 of the 6-h forecast.
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