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K.-W. GURGEL, 1997,
Near-surface circulation in the Pomeranian Bay.
7th German - Polish Seminar on Coastal and Estuary Dynamics, Workshop Documentation, German IDNDR Committee for Natural Disaster Reduction, pp. 33...49, ISBN: 3-933181-07-0, December 1998.

K.-W. GURGEL, 1995,
The variability of surface current fields in the Pomeranian Bay as measured by Decameterwave Radar.
Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Hydroengineering, Hydrotechnical Transactions No 60, pp. 53...64, 1996.

K.-W. GURGEL, 1993,
CODAR application in the Pomeranian Bay.
5th German - Polish Seminar on Dynamics of Odra Estuary, Proceedings, pp. 251...260, 1993.

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