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Description of the Tsunami Propagation Model

The model calculations have been performed according to code GNOM (General hydrostatic/non-hydrostatic Ocean Model). The program generates a curvilinear grid in a given domain on which the two-dimensional or three-dimensional equations transformed to the boundary-fitted coordinates are integrated by the difference method. At each time step the dynamic equations are solved in three steps. At the preliminary step the full equations are integrated implicitly by splitting in the coordinate directions. Horizontal viscosity operator is expressed in terms of velocity vortex in covariant presentation. Approximation of an advective operator has an accuracy-selector switch, which allows one to use the schemes of the first, second or third order of accuracy with adjoined TVD procedure. Then the 2-D Poisson equation for determination of the level is constructed on the basis of the vertically averaged equations of continuity and correction of velocity. At the next step the field of velocity is determined from the level. This realization has the second order of accuracy time and space variables and allows the time step, which is considerably superior to the usual restriction on the advective mode in a semi-implicit method.

The model description has been provided by Alexei Androssov and Angelo Rubino.

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